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January 31, 2007

Welcome to my new journey……

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About four years ago, I decided to leave the world of professional cheffing and go back to finish my BA at a great Mid-Atlantic public university. My intention was to become a social studies teacher…..

I entered that reality at the beginning of this month in a challenged urban setting. I knew it was going to be a tough experience, one that was going to require more of my humanity than any other endeavor I had ever embarked upon in my life. It is that and much more.

A month into it, I have come to realize that I need a cathartic release-something that will provide a concrete outlet for the tangle of emotions that my life has become. I have always fancied myself a decent writer and a good storyteller. This is my new forum, a place for me to share the day to day encounters of a system and a school in dangerous peril.

I believed before I started this, as I do now and forever, that the educational system is the ultimate foundation upon which we as individuals can impact lasting change on a lost generation of young minds. I will never waver that I am doing a job that is both necessary and dangerous. A job that will bring levels of satisfaction that are unparalleled and levels of despair that are truly confounding.

I welcome you to join me in this journey as I share the tragedies, comedies, and lessons that are bound to become part and parcel of this experience. The conversations will be frank, the situations will be real, and in the vernacular of Dragnet….all mentions of names and places have been changed.

Lets get this going……


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